Get Your Photo Taken With Santa This Season

Photos with Santa
What better way is there to kick off the holiday season than with pictures with Santa Claus? You probably have a few photos of your childhood self with Old St. Nick, so make sure to capture the same fond memories of your own little ones. Not only will you get... [read more]

Celebrate Veterans at the 2017 Veterans 5k and 10k

Veterans 5k & 10k
To protect the freedom and people of the United States, the military requires that its members be in top physical shape. This Veterans Day weekend, you can pay tribute to the men and women who work incredibly hard to defend our homeland. Show your support, and relish in the rewards... [read more]

Take Care of Your Teeth at Fredericksburg’s Best Dentists

Fredericksburg Dentists
Dentists aren't someone we all look forward to visiting. While a tooth cleaning is usually an innocuous affair, that white-coat anxiety seems to stick with us from childhood. If you brush, floss, and take care of your teeth, there's nothing to worry about. In fact, visiting the dentist on a... [read more]

Dine on a Piece of History at Foode

Foode in Fredericksburg
When it comes to choosing a great restaurant, the food is only half the equation. Service and atmosphere make up the rest. And while there are plenty of well-decorated restaurants around Fredericksburg, there's only one that lets you dine within the vault of a bank. Relish in history and delicious... [read more]

Attend the 10th Annual Fredericksburg Fall Family Festival

Fredericksburg Fall Family Festival
For families, fall festivals can be one of the best parts about October. There's something magical about the scent of hay bales mixed with cool winds and amber-colored leaves. Don't miss out on your chance to make these special memories with your family this year. The Fredericksburg Fall Family Festival... [read more]

Fredericksburg’s Newest Cajun Restaurant Opens This October

Cajun Food at Orleans Bistro & Grill
Nothing quite compares to the zesty, blackened flavors of Cajun food. It originates from Louisiana where it was developed by the French-speaking Acadian settlers. And while a trip to New Orleans is one way to find authentic Cajun food, there will soon be an option closer to home. Orleans Bistro &... [read more]

The Best Bowling in Town

Bowling Alleys Fredericksburg
Bowling is a sport that's been around since antiquity. Remnants of the game have been discovered at ancient Egyptian sites dating back to 3200 B.C. And in modern times, the game is still as popular as ever. Bowling alleys are a great spot for weekend entertainment, dates, or birthday parties.... [read more]

Sharpen Your Skills at Any Age with Cooking Classes in Fredericksburg

Cooking Classes in Fredericksburg
What’s for dinner? Are you considering another night of fast food or TV dinners? If so, it’s time to make a change. Sharpen your cooking skills at Champion Chefs and learn how to prepare delicious meals for friends, family, or just yourself. With cooking classes for adults and kids, you... [read more]

6th Annual Fredericksburg Pet Show

Fredericksburg Pet Show
You love your pet – and for good reason. Your furry friend is always by your side, ready to give you some love or embark on an adventure. You can make the next adventure one you both will love by attending the 6th Annual Fredericksburg Pet Show. The show will take... [read more]

Spend an Afternoon Exploring Government Island

Government Island
Spending the afternoon in a museum is a wonderful way to learn about history, but sometimes being outside sounds better. At Government Island in Stafford, Virginia, you get both history and nature all in one spot. The park is located about half an hour away from Fredericksburg, making it the... [read more]