6th Annual Fredericksburg Pet Show

Fredericksburg Pet Show
You love your pet – and for good reason. Your furry friend is always by your side, ready to give you some love or embark on an adventure. You can make the next adventure one you both will love by attending the 6th Annual Fredericksburg Pet Show. The show will take... [read more]

Spend an Afternoon Exploring Government Island

Government Island
Spending the afternoon in a museum is a wonderful way to learn about history, but sometimes being outside sounds better. At Government Island in Stafford, Virginia, you get both history and nature all in one spot. The park is located about half an hour away from Fredericksburg, making it the... [read more]

6th Annual Fredericksburg Art Attack

Art Attack 2017
Downtown Fredericksburg is always a cool place to visit, but it’s going to get even cooler on September 9 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. That’s when local artists will bring their art supplies out to the streets to create art for the 6th Annual Fredericksburg Art Attack. All artists... [read more]

Take the Drive to D.C. and Visit These Historical Monuments

Lincoln Memorial Fredericksburg, Virginia
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial In honor of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's four terms in office, the memorial is divided into four outdoor "rooms," where statues and murals stand to represent issues from the Great Depression to World War II. When visiting the FDR memorial, visitors have the opportunity to learn about and... [read more]

7 Tips for a College Student’s First Year Away

College Tips Fredericksburg
Are you preparing for college? If so, you may be seeking advice to guide them through your first year away from home. Here are seven tips that will help to make a huge difference in your academic journey. They just may be the determinants between finishing college with a 4.0... [read more]

Shoot Some Puts at These Awesome Golf Country Clubs

Golf Ball at Fredericksburg Golf Country Clubs
When looking for an excellent way to spend the weekend in Fredericksburg, VA, golf is definitely a great option. Additionally, when the golf course in question features unique amenities, it becomes that much more entertaining and convenient for visitors. Take advantage of the amazing golf courses near Fredericksburg. They're a... [read more]

Fun in the Sun Destinations

Fredericksburg, Virginia Destinations
Many people head to Virginia Beach for their summer fun. However, there are various other fun-in-the sun adventures nearby for you to take advantage of. If you're seeking a fascinating summer adventure away from the beach, check out these top destinations within driving distance of Fredericksburg, VA. Take a Short Drive Destinations less than... [read more]

Two Amazing Theme Parks in Virginia that are Just a Road Trip Away

Theme Park
Looking to spend a summer day at a fun theme park? The search is over! Check out these great places where you can enjoy time with your family and friends all day long! From fast rides to delicious treats, you won't be disappointed with a trip these Virginia theme parks. Busch... [read more]

Twelve Packing Hacks that are Perfect for Your Summer Vacation

Packing Hacks for Summer Vacation
When planning for a summer vacation, proper packing is essential. You don't want to run the risk of ruining your prized possessions, or not having the items that you need. So, try out these helpful tips and pack like a pro for your next trip! Clothing - Leave the Wrinkles at... [read more]

Fireworks and Other July Events in Fredericksburg, VA

Fourth of July in Fredericksburg
On the hunt for exciting events in Fredericksburg, VA? Look no further. Stop by these events coming up this month! July 4th Heritage Festival Start out your Independence Day with the Heritage Festival 5 Mile Run! Followed by the Heritage Day Parade at 9:30 a.m. Then the fun really begins with the... [read more]